This year was huge for me, I made the move from New York (where I’ve lived since I was a kid) to New Orleans, and it’s been the best thing for me.  I love the vibe and culture of New Orleans; it truly is unlike any other.  And now that we have this beautiful house, Tio Mario and I are really getting into decorating for the holidays.

I’m big on having photos and artwork on the wall, I have a beautiful piece, which is made up of reclaimed wood from houses that were destroyed in Katrina.  I also have a ton of family photos up on the wall.  I did a dinner last year for the John Besh Foundation at Ashley Longshore’s gallery and I gotta say, I love her stuff - it’s vibrant and eclectic, just like New Orleans.  


I love the guys over at GoodWood NOLA. They can do some insane things at their shop.  Right now we’re working on a custom cutting board for the restaurant and some custom pieces for me.  If you ever get down to New Orleans, be sure to check them out!



Two of my favorite kitchen/dining accessories are the pozole toppings tray and the molcajete from my product line with IMUSA.  The molcajete is perfect for making salsas, guacamole and grinding spices (readers, never buy pre-ground spices, always buy spices whole and grind them yourself at home!) and the pozole toppings tray is a great vessel to hold salsa, dips or garnishes.  

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