On the days when I’m not traveling, I like to start my day by working out.  Some cardio, some weight lifting, that sort of thing.  Recently, me and a bunch of chefs got into the Culinary Fitness Challenge with HigherPower (1000 Girod St, New Orleans, +1 504 302 7497)
and Hour Blast Downtown (821 Baronne St C, New Orleans, +1 504 516 2900)
in New Orleans. It’s basically super intense circuit training with a lot of interval cardio work.  Man they whipped me into gear. 

I’m not really into beauty products, but I do love Suavecito hair pomade.  Even the name is awesome.

My favorite “beauty” treatment would be the Mayan sweat lodges in Mexico.  It’s like a sauna on steroids, but with a spiritual aspect to it and it really helps to detox and cleanse your body, you definitely sweat the toxins out.