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Featured 9.25-10.1.17 | As a female entrepreneur, I have an enormous amount of love and respect for my fellow girl bosses who are kicking ass in the world of startups. Especially those women who do it with a passion and grace that both make their business wildly successful while giving the appearance that it's all somewhat effortless (which, of course, it isn't).  Alexandra Bonetti is one such entrepreneur.Hailing from Venezuela, she started her career in the worlds of finance and consulting, but took a passion (fitness) and turned it into a business that filled a void. Bari Studios has quickly become one of the coolest boutique fitness brands in the biz, with a following (Bari Babes!) that considers itself a community. But wait. She was 25 when she left the world of sure things and started her life as a founder. Yep, 25. Since then not only has she taken Bari to astronomical heights, she's also started two more viable enterprises and has no less than 10 more in the pipeline. She's also, and most importantly, a wife a mom and a true family girl. Welcome to Alexandra's week.