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Featured 4.23-4.29.18 | Think everyone in the food world is obsessed with Avocado Toast? Then clearly you haven’t met Alison Roman, foodie renegade, author of the bestselling cookbook, Dining Inand creator of The Cookie, an homage to all things butter, chocolate, sugar and carbs. And want to know what makes her distaste for avocado even more legit? She’s from California. So, yeah. Today, though, Alison lives in Brooklyn and spends most of her time writing about food (she’s a contributor to the New York Times and Bon Appetit Magazine), thinking about food and eating food. Except avocado, obv. She has a fierce sense of humor (check out her Instagram captions), a life plan that includes moving to the middle of the woods (where she’ll open an all-day cafe that's only open 4 days a week with a 5-item menu that will change when she feels like it), and she makes cooking videos (with intermittent dance breaks) that are so incredibly watchable you can easily get lost down the rabbit hole of her YouTube channel. Her selects are as hard to resist as her recipes, and we think you’ll be as addicted as we are. And no, there isn't any avocado.  Welcome to Alison’s week.