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I pretty much live and die by a strong lip. I have like, 542 different tinted balms, lipsticks, stains and glosses on me at all times. But my all-time favorite shade is this CHANEL Rouge Allure 99 Pirate. It's the perfect shade of red. Not too orange, not too blue. It was a gift from a dear friend for Christmas and I think of her every time I put it on.

I'll admit I was a Glossier skeptic at first (how could it be cheap, popular, well designed AND actually work?) but I am obsessed with their Boy Brow. I used to think I had good eyebrows but once I discovered this I realized they are actually long and often untamed and kind of patchy on the ends from years of over-threading. Boy Brow solves all this.

I love MAC's Veriscolour Stain  in various shades of pink for a little tint/gloss hybrid. 

La Mer was brought to me by someone I used to date because he got it for free. I love it and it makes me feel rich and fancy when I use it. Ditto Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, which will be something I cough up the money for when it runs out. Love the smell, love how it makes my skin feel, love how ritualistic the application process is. I am obsessed. 

Sunscreen is truly the only thing I apply every single day and Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is the best I've found for my face. It goes on super velvety with no fragrance, stickiness or whiteness. I'm obsessed.