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Featured 11.6-11.12.17 | Hair. It's either a woman's worst nightmare or greatest gift. Or, more likely, something in between. But Alli Webb, founder and Chief Creative Officer of the uber-popular Drybar chain of blowout-only salons (there are almost 90 of them between the US and British Colombia with more in the works), has been on a seven-year mission to eradicate bad hair days for women worldwide. In fact, the former dog walker-turned publicist-turned fashion stylist-turned hairstylist-turned mom, started offering in-home blowouts as a way to keep one foot in the creative door when she left the hair force to start her family. What came next was kind of insane (in a good way): the side business grew into a full-on sensation and before she knew it, she was opening her first brick and mortar location in Brentwood. Obviously what's happened since then has been a gift to women everywhere, and she's a gift to us as well.
Welcome to Alli's week.