MARA Universal Face Oil. The first product in my natural, algae oil skincare line will give you your best skin ever. It’s super hydrating, reduces the visible signs of aging and plumps for baby soft skin. I use it instead of a moisturizer at night and in the mornings if I’m running late I just wash my face with Biossance or Dr. Hauschka cleanser, slather my face in MARA and then Supergoop SPF. It’s really a miracle product and took us over 3 years to formulate. We created it for all skin types and our hero ingredients are moringa and our proprietary algae extracts. 

Rahua is my favorite natural shampoo and conditioner! It’s hard to find an effective, natural shampoo and conditioner and they just nailed it. I like the purple one for color treated hair.   

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask is one of my favorite masks, it’s great for detoxing the skin and is good if I feel a breakout coming on. I like to sit in the tub and read with this mask on my face and a Ouai Treatment Mask in my hair.

Basecoat Nail Salon (704 Mateo St, DTLA, CA, + 1 213 935 8330) is my go-to spot for a healthy, organic manicure and pedicure. The interiors are so cute and I love all of the products they use. They even have a healthy gel manicure too!

Cassondra Kaeding at MARE salon (152 N Wetherly Dr, West Hollywood; +1 424 274 3479) is the master behind my magical red hair color! She is a true hair genius and you should definitely go see her for color if you’re in LA. She is the best.

I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do you better believe it’s almost all RMS Beauty. They make the best concealer called Un-Coverup that goes on so smooth and looks really natural. I wear shades 00 and 000. I also love their Buriti Bronzer and their Living Luminzer highlighter! It’s a natural brand with good-for-you ingredients. 

Gisou Honey Hair OilI am straight up obsessed with this hair oil by super blogger Negin Mirsalehi! Best hair oil I have EVER used. They don’t release the ingredients (to my knowledge), but as a beauty brand owner I’m dying to know what’s inside this glorious formula in addition to honey from her family’s bee garden in the Netherlands. 

Credo Beauty is the best natural beauty store! This is where I go to pick up all of my favorites in  beauty and makeup because I know I can rely on the quality of the products. They have a rigorous dirty list policy so I know no matter what I pick of from here it’s going to be good. 

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Sapiens. If you haven’t read this book yet, do yourself a solid and Amazon prime it. Hands down the best book I have ever read. It’s a brief history of humankind, but it details human development,  progression, and our future unlike any history class, teacher or lecture I have ever listened to or read. This book changed my life and I think it should be required reading in high school.

Headspace app. Being at the helm of two businesses, I am constantly thinking about work and what’s next. So I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my daily life to slow down my mine and center myself. I have noticed that meditating has really helped me not get angry or overwhelmed as easily. I wish I had time to meditate every day but I don’t – I just try and get it in when I can.

The Five Minute JournalI start and end every day with my Five Minute Journal. It’s a simple set of questions that help you manifest your dreams and make them a reality while staying grounded and grateful. Sounds too good to be true, but I suggest you try it and see what starts to unfold for you. 


Pilates Platinum. The workout that made me fall in love with exercise again. I just love going to Pilates Platinum, it never gets easier and always kicks my butt. I’ve never seen better results! I try and hit 2-3 classes a week if I can.

Modo YogaOn the weekends I like to take things slower, and love starting out my Saturday or Sunday with a hot Modo Yoga class. There's a 90 minute music class on Saturdays that I love, and I always follow class with  Clover Juice next door (342 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles; +1 323) 609 3903). 

Moon Juice PowdersI add Moon Juice powders to all of my at-home smoothies. My favorites are Ashwaganda, He Shu Wu and Cordyceps. I’m all about adrenal health. I used to have a lot of anxiety and stress, and ever since I started incorporating these into my diet I have noticed I’m significantly less tense and anxious.

Olly GummiesI swear by these. For starters, I love any gummy so it’s an easy sell for me. I take Undeniable Beauty , Hello Sunshine (for vitamin D) and Flawless Complexion in the morning and I like that you can mix and match them. If I’m wide awake and need to start settling down for bed, I pop just one Sleep Gummy and drift off. 

Palo SantoI like to frequently burn palo santo. I have some at my desk, by my bed, in my MARA production office, it’s everywhere. I love the scent and it cleanses your space and energy, I like to burn it when I need clarity or to reset my mood.