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Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve

Photographs by Kimberly Genevieve

meet | allison mcnamara

Featured 8.6-8.12.18 |  When I was in high school, there wasa brief period of time when I thought I might grow up to become an art historian. The impetus was Botticelli. Specifically, his Birth of Venus, which, as I’m sure you know, is a painting so beautiful it can bring you to your knees. But what does this have to do with Allison McNamara? A lot, actually. For starters, Google the painting and tell me if she isn’t a dead ringer for Venus. I mean, seriously. The hair, the beach vibe, the skin. Whoever Botticelli’s muse was, she was definitely a relative. And if her ethereal beauty doesn’t convince you, how’s this for confirmation: the ocean plays a starring role in MARA, her line of clean algae skincare. So that woman you see standing in a clamshell floating above the sea? Not hard to see where I’m coming from, right? But cut to present day, and Allison might not be a natural red head (anymore), but she is a natural cool girl. In addition to founding MARA, she’s a TV host, digital influencer and a huge collector of — you guessed it — art.  Welcome to Allison’s week.