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ZIIP Handheld Electrical Skincare DeviceThe technology behind ZIIP is amazing: small, energetic vibrations are pushed into the skin through positive and negatively-charged discs on the bottom of your ZIIP, giving your skin life!

I love Anna Zahn’s full-body Endermologie treatments! They stimulate the lymphatic system to instantly boost circulation, reduce fluid retention, tone the skin, brighten the whites of the eyes, and impart a supernatural glow. Anna’s facial sessions target inflammation and puffiness around the eyes and jaw, and sculpt the natural contours of the face.

A few other products I love are the Ionic Dry Brush, Rebounder, Lily Lolo Mascara, Juice Beauty Sunscreen, Yoni Oil, Hair La Vie Pills, and the Living Libations Hair Mask

My favorite form of exercise would definitely be using a jump rope! Jumping rope activates major muscle groups and even sculpts your arms and upper body.