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meet | amanda chantal bacon

Featured 5.14-5.20.18 | Could you imagine what life would be like if fairy dust was an actual thing? If you could sprinkle some on your morning açai bowl, or maybe add it to a smoothie, or if you're like this week's guest, make ice cream with it? Wouldn't the world be a shinier and more sparkly place? Sadly, fairy dust doesn't actually exist, but Amanda Chantal Bacon has done us one better: she created Sex Dust. And Beauty Dust. And Brain Dust. And Power Dust. And a whole bunch of other amazing potions that actually do make the world a shinier and more sparkly place. Not surprising coming from a woman who suffered a childhood illness that was cured by — you guessed it — Eastern medicine. So she did what any believer would: she hit the road, headed for Asia and brought her findings back for all of us to benefit from in the form of her company, Moon Juice, a resource for all things healing, elevating and nourishing. And that's how magic gets made. Today, the former Kindergarten teacher continues to spread light, love and good vibes through all that she creates, and while she'll never give up life's great indulgences (like ice cream), she'll always make sure it's sprinkled with a little something extra. Welcome to Amanda's week.