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I love coming home to all of my creature comforts after being on the road. I have an old vase of my dad’s that was his mother’s. She passed away quite young and I never got to know her and this was an important piece to him. He has passed on as well, so having that vase in my living room is like having a piece of his history. Every time I fill it with flowers it seems to come alive.

I also have a collection of seashells from all of the beaches I’ve visited. It's not original but it gives me an excuse to walk along the beach and pick up shells to bring a little piece of that memory home.

I have recently added a diffuser to my home and I love it! It is small and simple and you float a few drops of essential oil in the water and it can change your mood in an instant. You can add lavender for a relaxing mood or peppermint to lift you up.  I am addicted to doTERRA essential oil blends. They have oil for every mood!