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As a chef my whole life is built around food and eating and I love it! My favorite thing to make at home for breakfast or dinner is an omelet. The simplest of things, like eggs, can be turned into a blanket of golden deliciousness filled with whatever your heart desires. (And I happen to be really good at it). 

I couldn't live without my Vitamix blender. I use it everyday and if I had to choose only one kitchen appliance it would be this one. I make morning smoothies, soups, sauces and  frozen cocktails. I cannot live without it!

A classic foodie movie that I love is called Who’s Killing the Great Chef’s of Europe? In fact it actually made me want to become a chef. There are beautiful food scenes and a mystery where each chef gets murdered in the same way as their specialty dish gets cooked! It’s a retro film but a must see.

My kitchen secret from a pro chef to a home cook is to take the time out to prep. Before a professional chef like me even turns on the gas, I prep my ingredients, meaning I cut, measure and set up everything I need for the recipe. This way when I start to cook it's effortless ‑ just the free flow of cooking. Every recipe in my new cookbook The Chef Next Door has a prep section and I highly recommend adding this to your cooking routine.