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I had the great pleasure of being invited to do a Chef Fest in Hawaii in 2014. I had never imagined that Hawaii would shatter the ceiling on my expectations. I was absolutely blown away with the magic of Kona and the spectacle of nature on the island. As we all know, The Four Seasons prides itself on quality, but the down to earth hospitality was truly what won me over. This is a bucket list trip for sure.

My tried and true travel companion is my ice blue Rimowa suitcase. If only this bag could talk it would regale you with hundreds of stories from the road. It is lightweight, sturdy and stands out on a luggage carousel. It has a lifetime warranty for repairs, and in the 10 years that I have had it, only one visit was necessary and that was from an angry baggage handler!  

This may seem more like part of my hair regime than a travel necessity, but John Masters Organic Hair Pomade always travels with me. I use it when I am about to get off of a long flight to smooth my fly aways and make me look put together. It is all natural ingredients and makes for a great hand moisturizer as well — it makes everything shine!

Jao Hand Refresher is not your ordinary hand sanitizer. Jao calls it their "portable sink" and it truly is. A refresher that has lavender, tea tree and geranium oil, that is antibacterial and contains soothing aromatherapy. Spray on your hands, rub it in and take a deep breath. My friends know I always have it and when we travel or sit down for a meal they say "can I get some of your fancy hand sanitizer."