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Wellness has been a major focus in my life as of late. I live a fast-paced, high-energy life just like the rest of New York City. We have to keep ourselves in balance to be able to thrive at anything we do. Pilates is an essential part of my routine that keeps me strong and healthy. My dear friend and teacher Kim Villanueva owns and operates Core Pilates in NYC. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend this unique workout on machines called Cadillac and Reformer. You will feel longer and stronger after just one session.

My guru of all around wellness inside and out is Dr Berzin at Parsley Health. Chef Seamus Mullen introduced me to this brilliant doctor and I have learned so much from her about the mind-body connection and food as healing. My favorite part about being a chef is that you never stop learning and food is always the focus. I love incorporating new ideas and inspiration into my culinary world.   

I have a guilty pleasure in my wellness routine. About four times a year I treat myself to a visit to Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca. I indulge in massage, saltwater baths, hot whirlpools, eucalyptus steam and cold plunge. The serenity of the atmosphere and the weightlessness of the saltwater bath reset and recharge my entire state of mind and body. It is the best escape in the city.  


The ever popular, world traveling Gregory Alan is the hair magician who makes us look beautifully coiffed for all of our Chopped episodes. He maintains my hair between shoots, too, but when I want to fully change my look I go to Min Kim at the Eclat Salon in Chelsea (203 10th Avenue, NYC 212 229 0777). She is always willing to go with my crazy whims when I feel like I need a hair change.
Up until 2008, I barely wore any makeup. It just wasn't worth it in the hot, greasy kitchen. Since I started appearing on television, makeup is required, even when cooking. I have learned so much about makeup from so many talented makeup artists and have been building my own little kit for when I am not in the hands of a pro. Here are the essentials that I never leave the house without:

Nars Blush Duo in Hot Sand / Orgasm:  This blush duo makes me look like I have been kissed by the sun and had a good morning,  if you know what I mean ... (hence the name).

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat:   this amazing light reflecting concealer is a favorite of many. If you haven't gotten enough sleep, or had one too many cocktails, this will brighten those dark circles and no one needs to know what you did last night!
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss:  I like to keep my lip look natural, and this gloss is perfect. It comes in so many different colors and is super light and not sticky.