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I've been lucky to travel a good bit to some amazing countries, but I'd say Vietnam was my favorite place. I stayed at the Intercontinental Danang which was perfectly sublime and I can't recommend it highly enough. There's so much beauty and culture in Vietnam and the people are insanely welcoming. The beautiful simplicity of life there really resonated with me. There was a village we visited that was sustained entirely by its inhabitants, while some villagers were responsible for fishing or raising livestock, others planted crops, but it was all for the community as a whole. Totally incredible.



I travel a lot from NYC to LA so my plane routine is kind of funny. I always pack a facemask in my purse and put it on during the flight. If for some reason I don't have one, I'll ask the flight attendants for tea bags and put them on my eyes. People will look at me funny but within a minute tell me what a great idea it is.







I also always order a Diet Coke and pour a pack of peanuts in it. It sounds disgusting but it's a Southern thing and surprisingly amazing.