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My favorite destination right now is NYC. You hit the ground running and just feel energized. As a person who finds inspiration everywhere — and needs it to create — there's no better place. I just wish it was closer to LA! Then internationally I love Copenhagen and Stockholm, where we have family, and I love London, too. It has a great vibe.

In Copenhagen, Café Victor (Ny Østergade 8, 1101, +45 33 13 36 13) is a must. Great people watching and just a nice place to chill with a glass of wine. Atelier September (Gothersgade 30, +45 53 33 28 95) is a design dream to visit, and you have to shop at Klassik (Bredgade 3, 1260, +45 33 33 90 60). If you like vintage Danish furniture, you may never leave.

Rimowa suitcases are what we use to travel. Super chic, super sturdy. They're a great not-so-secret secret.

I always carry my laptop, phone, chargers, a magazine or two to finally catch up since I don't have much time for that usually, our perfume that we launched last year Savage Rose - it's a perfect small roll-on that you can take everywhere to freshen up, my sunglasses, and some snacks — especially bubblegum and candy on flights —can never have enough! I also usually carry a journal with me so I can quickly write down things that inspire me.

Sleep is the MOST important thing for travel ... jetlag is brutal. Do what you can to adjust to the schedule as soon as you arrive.