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My favorite thing to do for exercise is walk or hike in Griffith Park with my family. We live super close to the base of the mountain so it's an easy way to get fresh air and get moving.

I'm not into cleanses, but my favorite way to eat is five small meals a day. It keeps me energized throughout the day so I don't crash because I am constantly running around. We keep a lot of healthy snacks at the office like air-popped popcorn, granola bars, pretzel sticks and green juices.

I'm having a love affair with beauty and love using different beauty products. I have a whole section on my blog that's just weekly products I'm loving. My favorites are Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Paula's Choice, La Prairie, and Sensai. I also just tried Equal Beauty, a great natural line founded by this amazing LA-based girl and friend of mine, Jessica Gomes.

I like Playa Dry Shampoo. And I obsessively use the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments for a little natural color.

Otherwise I'm big on self care - sleep is so important to me. I'm an early to bed, early to rise person. And I like lighting candles, and giving myself a manicure or taking a relaxing bath.