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meet | anna kaiser

Featured 7.24-7.30.17 | Anna Kaiser is stealth. She's petite (5'2"), she's gorgeous (I mean, look at her) and she has a personality that I can only describe as effervescent — making everyone around her feel downright giddy for being in her presence. And then you take one of her incredible dance-based classes at her revered AKT studio, and you realize you might have been lulled into false sense of security because on the dance floor, she's more pitbull than puppy. In fact, she's a master motivator, whose background in dance combined with her studies in kinesiology, sports medicine and anatomy make her not only a pioneer in her field, but a damn good teacher as well, with a program that actually (really) gets results. She has changed bodies across the country, works with some the biggest names in Hollywood and does it all with that infectious smile (look left). So, yeah, Anna Kaiser is no joke, and we should all be grateful that her childhood dreams of becoming an Opera singer fell by the wayside.
Welcome to Anna's week.