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I love to travel. When I was 4 years old we went to Hvar, a small Croatian island in the Mediterranean and I learned to swim there. At the time there was hardly any tourism and we had to rent rooms at private homes. I think my adventurous spirit comes from these years and traveling with my parents. It was more than vacation, it always seems like an adventure for me. The different places filled with different people and cultures, eating different food, speaking different languages. I love it. I really think all my passion comes from this time. That’s when I wanted to learn. I am still curious about everything. Two years ago I went back to Hvar and fell in love all over again. It's an incredible place. My favorite restaurant there is Gariful. They prepare the most amazing grilled fish. 

I try to travel light, but often don’t succeed, so I'm happy to have my Rimowa suitcases which don't weigh that much on their own. 

And of course there's Paris and Tulum — my two favorites. My favorite hotel in Paris is Pavillon de la Reine (28 Place des Vosges, 75003) and I love to shop in the Marais. 

My favorite hotel and restaurant  in Tulum is Nomade. I love this place — it feels like home. If I were ever going to design a hotel (which I would love to do), I would design it in this spirit. My favorite shop in Tulum is La Troupe. Iove the design of the store as well as their merchandise.  My favorite airline is Singapore. But as I don’t travel that much to Asia anymore, I can hardly use it. And I still like Air France.

And we shouldn’t forget New York — the city I lived in for four years and then another six on and off. I still spend nearly three or four months there every year. My favorite hotel there is  Lafayette and I always fly JetBlue to NYC — it's so easy. My favorite museums are The Whitney and The Met (I never get tired of it), my favorite spot is The Highline, favorite restaurant ABC Kitchen.

My favorite shop is in LA and it’s called Lost & Found in Santa Monica. One other favorite restaurant is in Malibu and it’s called Malibu Farm. The owner grows her own vegetable. I love that.