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Living in the tropics saves you a lot of money! With the high amount of humidity you don’t need facials and your skin is permanently hydrated. Sometimes it's almost too much. But there is one product I swear by and I am so obsessed, that I go through painful lengths to get hold of it, as the company who produces it is based in Canada and has only few retailers in the US and  none of them ship to Mexico. So, either I stock up when I'm in NY, or else I have friends bring it to me to Mexico. The company is called Living Libations and the product to clean and hydrate my skin the  is Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever and  Rose Glow Serum, which really makes my skin glow. I didn’t believe it at first, but it really works.

 If I do from time to time want a facial, I go to Tulum and buy the Mayan Clay. It’s all natural and cleanses not only the face but you can use it for the whole body. 

Living so close to different beaches, my main workouts are walking with my dogs for hours on the beach and doing yoga.