I  was raised in a house where social justice and social action was always being modeled. My mother was a homeroom teacher and mentor at a public school in Harlem for over 30 years. My father, a Holocaust survivor, spent decades as the director of an organization devoted to fighting anti-Semitism and promoting civil rights. It's what I have been taught and it's what I know. My husband, too, is a man devoted to fighting social injustice, and he and I work to inspire each other to do what's right and to amplify diverse voices of change and equity. What motivates me though, is my son Cielo. I want the world to be a brighter, more inclusive and thoughtful place as he grows up into it.

With that said, there are two organizations I support full-time:

I have had the privilege of being on the Board of GLAAD for the past couple of years. Years ago, GLAAD's current Executive Director, Sarah Kate Ellis, and I worked together in publishing at Time Inc. 
While the past several decades have yielded remarkable progress for the LGBTQ community in the United States, acceptance of LGBTQ people is slipping, and discrimination is increasing in the face of attacks, bias and erasure by the Trump administration. What the past couple of years have demonstrated is that the path to full equality and acceptance is not guaranteed, but in the face of this erosion GLAAD works to ensure 100% acceptance of LGBTQ people everywhere

 The Fair Play Coalition
 I learned about Fair Play through my husband, Brandon Cardet Hernandez, who is a Principal in the South Bronx. He and some of his faculty and students are integrally involved with their work. The Fair Play Coaltiion stands together with NYC's students to support equitable access to after-school sports. Currently, 17,000 black and Latino students attend public schools without any sports. When their schools do have teams through the Public School Athletic League, there are far fewer choices than in racially-diverse or mostly white schools.