Diet Prada and pam_boy and are my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. I just love how dead-on and brave the writing in and observations are. Also, I love watching my husband's Insta-Stories (@brandoncardet) because he posts throughout the day every day from the public school where he is principal. It's so inspiring to see young scholars taking on all sorts of projects and expressing themselves. It's a mainline into authentic, trappings-free content. And a great balance to all the vacation, summer body and fashion boomerangs on my feed. And  amazing news! Brandon was just appointed Senior Education Advisor to the Mayor and First Deputy Mayor of New York so we're really excited about that.

The NY Post and the New York Times are where I get my news. I also check WWD and BoF at least twice daily.

My favorite apps are Susan Miller's Astrology Zone; Be My Eyes, which connects you to sight-impaired people who are looking for assistance. I once talked a user through his entire pantry to find the right ingredients for a recipe he had in his hand; Moodpath for tracking ups and downs; and Zig for the best pop culture and news curation. Of course, like many, I need rehab for my Instagram abuse.

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I appreciate that it holds people accountable, and that I can discover all these new direct-to-consumer brands. But even while it creates community and connects people who need to see themselves in others, it can also be incredibly isolating and alienating.