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The Eyebrow Doctor is an essential part of my no-fuss beauty routine. Piret is the best in NY for microblading.

Katia Pryce, hip hop dance cardio guru. Her classes at Dancebody are too fun to miss. 

Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful does streaming videos that are an essential part of my prenatal routine. I do them at home every morning.

The January Labs Glow& Go Power Peel warms on that face so you know its doing its work! This peel is magic. 

Clark Botanicals Age Defying Radiance Cream is the all natural moisturizer that I sleep in every night. As important as pajamas :)

Able's CatEye 101 Liquid Liner is the single most important part of my morning makeup routine. It's the most matte pigmented liquid liner in existence. I have several around the house just in case!

Lash Star Beauty is the best mascara made by pro makeup artist, Tracy Murphy. 


Hang with the cool kids with Megababe's Holiday Mega Set beauty creation by my favorite plus-size blogger, Katie Sturino.

And since I'm about to have a baby, The Honest Company has the best baby stuff!