The Select Guest

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Featured 3.12-2.18.18We have a lot to thank Babba C. Rivera for. Like Uber. And Away Luggage. Yup: this Swedish beauty was the brains behind the branding and marketing at both ultra-hip companies (Fun fact: she launched Uber in Sweden and then came to NYC two years later to help with their marketing strategy. I think she was successful). Today, she’s taken her mad creative skills and used them to launch her own eponymous creative agency, By Babba, where she formulates the big ideas behind the small brands you adore. Her business and style acumen landed her a spot on the 2016 Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the field of marketing and advertising, but that’s not all. She speaks 3 languages (English, Swedish and Spanish), cuts her own bangs and runs the US arm of HER Global Network, an organization whose mission is to bring women together to learn from and support one another. And in today’s world is there anything more important? We think not. Welcome to Babba’s week.