BS: I have a lot of fun working on interior design and would love to do it as a job if I only had the time. I have only recently remodeled our apartment in Düsseldorf, Germany and am absolutely obsessed with how it turned out. I used many different types of wallpaper, including one with tigers from Mathew Williamson. Each room is different to the other. There really is nothing boring about the apartment. The couches are velvet and incorporate an array of colors. Our bedroom focuses on blue tones and is super open. We basically have our bathtub standing in the middle of it.

CS: My bedroom and bathroom have a princess vibe to them using mostly vintage pink paired with Asian-inspired wallpaper by Nina Campbell. It’s a beautiful creamy color with blue birds on it.

BS: What I love about our apartment is that our ceilings are very high; it makes the place look more elegant. We have a great view of the city.