CS: We love food and definitely fall under the foodie category. Since we both travel a lot, we have favorite restaurants all over the world. What we love especially are desserts — we never miss out on having desserts, even if the rest of the table is too full to indulge.

BS: I think we can both agree that Asian, especially Japanese, is our favorite. If we would have to agree on a favorite restaurant in the world, it would definitely be Nobu in Malibu. Not only is the food outstanding, but the location is truly breathtaking as it is situated right on the ocean. Their menu is fantastic and they have dishes that you won’t find at other Nobu locations in the world. For drinks, we always order their signature passionfruit sake, which is delicious and you can barely taste the alcohol. Food wise, we love the salmon sashimi with mushrooms, the brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and seabass. We usually ask for recommendations and have almost never been disappointed by them.

CS:  As far as dessert goes, their Chocolate Bento Box is a classic, and their Whisky Cappuccino dessert is delicious. Sadly, they don’t have our favorite dessert, their Green Tea Banana Crepes, for dinner anymore; however, it is available for lunch. They are an absolute must. 

BS:  Charly loves to bake; she got that from her grandma. Our favorite kitchen tool is the KitchenAid Stand Mixer — I can’t bake without it anymore. It’s perfect for any kind of dough. I make all of my Christmas cookies with it as well.