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BS: I am constantly travelling, so packing and living out of a suitcase has become a part of my daily routine. Charly often travels with me, but she needs to be in Munich for University. My favorite city without a doubt is Los Angeles. I’m planning on living there someday — hopefully soon! I love all of the friends that I have made there, the weather, the restaurants and the fact that you have the ocean and the beach just around the corner.

BS: My favorite shop in LA for beauty is Violet Grey on Melrose Place. It only sells the best beauty products out there, including our own line.

CS: I’m a fan of the eco-friendly label, The Reformation. They have a few stores in New York and LA and they have a great selection of cute, feminine and understated dresses.

BS:  We always have the travel sets of our products with us, especially on the plane. It’s very important to clean and moisturize your skin when you’re traveling. We also can’t live without a lip balm. So far, we are loving the Nutritive Lip Balm from Sisley Paris