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BS: When it comes to beauty products, the only thing that either of us use daily to cleanse, cream and treat our skin are, naturally, from our own line of products: Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics. We begin by cleansing with our Foam Cleanser, followed by one of the two serums. I prefer the Super Anti-Aging Serum, whereas Charly tends to use the Hylauronic Serum. The last step in our routine is our personalized MC1 Creams. Twice a week we use the Face Mask which leaves your skin feeling baby soft and moisturized. Even though there is an anti-aging component to the line, it can be used at any age. Charly started using the line about three or four years ago, and these products were actually the first ones that helped her clear her skin from breakouts.

BS: We have a number of different workouts that we incorporate into our routine, depending on where we are. In Düsseldorf, we have our personal trainer, Marika, who comes to our apartment to train us. The workout only takes about 30-40 minutes however, it is very efficient. Marika combines a whole-body workout with cardio in between. You will definitely feel it the next day. When we’re in Los Angeles, we love to workout with Nicole Stuart. Her Pilates class is the absolute best to really strengthen your core and improve your posture.

CS: For workout gear, I love Alo Yoga’s Airbrush Leggings which are great for travelling, along with pretty much any of their tops. Alo Yoga’s pieces are super comfortable but they also look nice. I find it more fun to work out in clothes that you feel good in.

BS: We also like Lululemon’s Simply Bare Tights for working out and any of their sport bras and tops.