This might be up there with my all time fave topics, haha. I'm a self-confessed food fanatic and have always been obsessed with all things nutrition. I think my love of food came from childhood memories of family get togethers, Mum would cook up a storm, everyone would come together to share a meal, so I guess to me food is social, nurturing and something that brings people together. 

I absolutely LOVE to cook. Life in NYC can get a little hectic to say the least, and cooking for me is one thing that grounds me and keeps me sane. I'm a bit of a stubborn weirdo and have never to this day ordered food in (yes even when coming off a 19-hour work day or hungover, told you I'm a weirdo!). I made this a challenge for myself with the intention of forcing myself to keep an element of routine in my life no matter how crazy things get. Needless to say I’m now the master of the "Healthy Lazy Dinner" which is basically a meal that doesn't take more than 10-20 minutes to make from start to finish, ticks all my little health boxes, and is super delish. An example of this would be my Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Bowl: turmeric cauliflower rice + 1-2 cups fresh spinach as a base, 2-3 diff types of veggies (e.g. brussel sprouts, broccoli) sautéed in coconut oil and nutritional yeast, topped with 2 tbsp of tahini and 2 tbsp of flaked almonds and BOOM!

My most used kitchen item would be my Krups AirFryer. I was killing time and wandered into TJ Maxx one day and stumbled across this bad boy. It’s been a love affair ever since and it fits into my "Healthy Lazy" cooking perfectly.

My most cooked meal. or the thing I break out to impress guests. is my Swordfish Ceviche which only takes 20min and is always a hit.

I frequently get asked for cooking tips, and honestly the most important tip is to think less, get out of your head, and go with the flow. I kind of think of it like painting: If you overthink it, you'll make more mistakes. Instead, accept that mistakes happen, recipes don't always have to be followed and once you lose the panic in the kitchen things just work out and it's basically a form of therapy.

My fave snacks are my GO BASIC babies. I travel way too much and am constantly on the go and couldn't live without my raw, vegan and gluten free Cookie Dough Protein Balls or Edibles when I need some chill when NYC gets a little too much. 

When it comes to alcohol, I'm a diehard Mezcal girl. love it shaken with lime juice over ice, the smokier the better. I particularly like Yola Mezcal, its delish but also female founded and made by women.