I hate to admit but I am a coffee snob. A good coffee (actually a skim capuccino) is how I start my day (post exercise) and an espresso is what gets me through the mid-afternoon slump. Happy Bones (394 Broome St, NYC), Saturdays NYC (31 Crosby St, NYC), Cafe Grumpy (multiple locations), Ruby's (219 Mulberry St # A, NYC), Bluestone Lane (multiple locations) or Two Hands ( 164 Mott St, NYC) are my go to spots. And if its a cheat day I'll add an almond croissant. I lived in Italy when I was doing a Masters and the coffee there changed my perspective. It should be a social part of your day, going out for coffee and having it in a ceramic cup is the dream. Its important for me to have ritual in my life, and this is one of my faves.

I currently live in Little Italy and I confess that I'm not always the most social person. I actually quite enjoy cooking at home, but when I do venture out, I love the Steamed Eggs at Buvette (42 Grove St, NYC), the Spaghetti al Pomodoro at Pietro Nolita (174 Elizabeth St, NYC) and the Dragon Bowl at De Maria (19 Kenmare St, NYC).