I'm fortunate enough to travel quite a bit for work. While this doesn't always feel like "real" travel as you often don't get the time you want in a city to truly take it in, I do my best to take advantage of any journey I get to go on. My favorite hotel in the world is in Paris: Le Royal Monceau (37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris). It was redone by Phillipe Starck and is eccentric with a great a sense of humor.


I don't necessarily have a favorite destination, although I have the most fond memories either swimming in the ocean or on top of a mountain. I remember finding myself in the hills way, way behind Florence near the Torre del Gallo. It's not a popular place for tourists because it's a rather challenging hill to climb, but I would sit at the top with my best friend and it felt like the most magical place in the world.

I am a proud supporter of my fellow female entrepreneurs and so most certainly use  Away luggage and I always recommend starting every trip with a run or walk around the city, village or area. It gives you perspective and it helps avoid jetlag.