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I REALLY love a cleanse that is in Australia from a company called Orchard Street. That being said I recently did a CLEAN cleanse in the USA and liked that they had support available for you.

For beauty products I have been using a product called Mother Dirt, it uses natural biomes from dirt in an oil for moisturizing. I don't wear a lot of makeup unless it is a special occasion. However eyelash extension do make me feel like I have that something something.

I do a fair amount of yoga and I always wear our recently launched Nadi X line of activated yoga apparel with embedded technology. The sensors in the pants know what pose you are in, and give you real time feedback with gentle vibrations on the body. It's like a subtle massage that guides your attention in yoga.

I also try to combine my yoga practice with cardio. Whether it's a run over the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge before class, Barry's Bootcamp or boxing. My favorite classes are with at SkytingYogaVida, Modo Yoga, Rumble, and Box + Flow.

I also started doing a Soca class with Selena Watkins! I haven't smiled that much is a work out maybe ever.