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Featured 9.11-9.17.17 | In this week's installment of the most insanely talented women I've ever come across, I'd like to introduce you to Billie Whitehouse, fashion designer (she refers to herself as a "garment engineer," actually, which is just everything) and creator of the more-than-just-athleisure brand, Wearable X, which Fast Company deemed one of the most innovative fitness companies ever. In fact the Aussie-born bombshell became CEO at the age of 26 (when, coincidentally she also ice climbed an active volcano in Iceland), and has been compared to some of the greatest business people of our time (oh, hey, Elon Musk + Steve Jobs). The victory has been her ability to create a fashion tech company that brings design and technology together. The consumer arm of the company, Nadi X, took two years to develop because it's just that cool: a line of activated yoga apparel that listens and responds to your body, guiding you through your yoga flow. How you ask? Well, it sounds complicated, but basically it uses embedded technology to provide vibrational feedback around the hips, knees and ankles, thus ensuring that your yoga poses are perfect. How genius is that?  Almost as genius as her selects. Welcome to Billie's week.