The Select Guest

Photographs by  Kaelan Barowsky

Photographs by Kaelan Barowsky


Featured 10.8.18-10.14.18 | Quirk is hard to pull off. It can feel disingenuous, even self-conscious. But when it works, it really works and can make the most straight-laced among us wish we were just a little more … unique. Case in point: Serbian-born, Australian-raised actress Bojana Novakovic, whose love of Thai Boxing, going braless and eating massive amounts of butter only begins to tell the tale of her somewhat unconventional and perfectly loveable personality. Here’s what’s up: As co-star on the CBS series, Instinct (opposite Alan Cumming, the equally eccentric actor), Bojana (pronounced Boy-ah-nah, because we’re guessing you needed that) plays badass NYPD Detective Lizzie Needham. In real life, this knockout beauty is just as badass: A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia, she’s had starring roles in all of Australia's major theatre companies, ran Ride On Theatre, her own independent company for 10 years, is a photographer, activist, motorbike rider and a lover of the full-contact sport of MMA . But hey, full-contact is just how she rolls, whether it’s in the ring or with her work rebuilding schools and working toward gender equality in Nepal through her organization, The B Project. So what keeps this beauty floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee day in and day out? We’d say it’s her remarkable wit, her intense love of life and her belief that sandals should always be worn with socks. Welcome to Bojana’s week.