Remember when you went to sleep away camp? Remember all the fun you had — new friends, fishing, archery, swimming, arts + crafts? The freedom to do whatever you wanted and let your true spirit shine? Remember how you felt when you had to leave and go home?  You didn’t want to because you had the best time ever! That’s exactly what The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is like for a special group of kids. The camp was started 26 years ago by Paul Newman, and it's been going strong ever since. THITWGC provides a seriously fun summer camp experience for children with serious illnesses. It's truly a place that changes lives. I have been proudly and gratefully part of their family for nine years.  

I have also been proudly working with Jumpstart for the past seven years. Jumpstart brings reading and development programs to children in low income neighborhoods. Studies show that when kids start behind they tend to stay behind. I truly believe that Jumpstart gives children that extra support and tools they need to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond.