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Photographs by  Cody Guilfoyle

Photographs by Cody Guilfoyle


Featured 1.28-2.3.19 | Brooke Ely Danielson’s life is a marathon. And we don’t just mean she spends her days racing around the world styling everyone from Emmy Rossum to Amber Heard as the Fashion and Lifestyle Director for Shape Magazine (she does), but we mean she hits the actual pavement every day to train for one of the many (sometimes back-to-back!) actual marathons she runs. Yes, that’s marathons, plural. What does that mean, you might ask? Well how’s this for some mind-blowing stats: Just last summer Brooke ran 52.4 miles worth of races while traveling over 60,000 miles across the globe. Our feet hurt just thinking about it. And you’d think that after all of that literal running around she would spend some time taking it easy, but you’d be dead wrong. Instead she uses her spare time to do things like make homemade nut mylks and granola. She also serves as a guide for the Achilles Foundation, an incredible organization that helps disabled people participate in mainstream athletics to promote personal achievement. So if you’re looking for a little inspo to help you live your best life in 2019, we think we’ve found it in Brooke. Trust us — she’s gonna teach you how to put the go in #goals. Welcome to Brooke’s week.