The Select Guest



Featured 7.4-7.10 | Bruce Bozzi is restaurant royalty. His Great Grandfather, Pio Bozzi, co-founded the original Palm Restaurant in New York City in 1926, and now, three generations later, Bruce is the Executive VP of the company, overseeing 26 locations. But that's not even half the story. He's heart-stoppingly gorgeous, ridiculously funny and incredibly kind. He's wildly popular, counting Andy Cohen, SJP and Scarlett Johansson as BFFs. He's an amazing father and he's one of the oldest friends I have on this Earth. And here's the thing about Bruce: when you're around him, it feels like the sun is shining directly on you. For real. All of this to say he was a natural choice to be a Select Guest: he's a charitable foodie with a healthy dose of vanity, a world traveler with a great sense of style and a homebody who loves Instagram better than anyone you know. Welcome to Bruce's week.