Expressing myself through what I choose to wear is probably one of my favorite forms of self-expression. I am a tailored guy and love clothes that fit (some might say hug) my body are key - I like to feel sexy when I am out in the world.

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For work, I’m all about the tailored suit, most often something by Ralph Lauren as he really set the standard for the American designer.

But my daily uniform is Rag & Bone jeans which have the perfect fit, are super comfortable and last a long time with a a black T shirt, and I always wear a hat  — it's my thing.








Accessories are key in finishing off a great look, whether it’s a pocket square in a suit, a fedora or a piece of jewelry. I am kind of obsessed with jewelry and have been known to chat up Neil Lane  but that’s some pricey bling. Jennifer Meyer’s designs are simple and classy and I love my new ID bracelet from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry






I have recently fallen in love with Saint Laurent shoes for men . The designs are so sexy and I love the use of the Cuban heel which creates some glam when I want to dress in that direction. If I’m looking for more of a classic shoe, I’ll go back to Ralph Lauren. His shoes last and are comfortable especially when you’re on your feet all day.

And here’s a side note: Watching my great friend Sarah Jessica Parker launch her shoe line has been inspirational to me. She doesn’t make anything for men (yet!), but as you might expect, her women’s line is exceptional.