I really believe that giving back is essential today more than ever. The good fortune that has surrounded me, and the hard work I do, allows me the privilege to participate with charities that help others. My close friend, Jessica Seinfeld, started a charity 15 years ago initially called Baby Buggy. This organization saw a need to help families that couldn't provide the simplest yet most essential items for their children: beds, food, formula, toys, books, strollers and all the things one needs to raise a kid. Recently renamed GOOD+ Foundation, their mission is to support the ongoing efforts and to find new ways of helping children and families outgrow poverty. We (The Palm and I) have partnered with GOOD+ for several years to help raise awareness, funds and support in our local communities. Help us end family poverty by doing good yourself. Visit for more information on how you can help. #DoGoodGiveGoods.