Sunday is ALWAYS Family Day – it’s the day we take to chill and refill the tank. We usually start our day with hot coffee, the Sunday New York Times (I really do prefer the actual paper but the app is a pretty great second and is fantastic when you’re traveling) The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post are my go-tos for news and I am addicted to Instagram – it’s a great way to keep up with friends. I check in with @bravoandy or @lizapersky1 daily and love to look at @leonbbridgesofficial – it’s a beautifully curated account and he is an awesome musician. If you’re gay (or just like them), a fun dishy website is Towle Road for gossip and to watch some fun videos. I'm trying to understand Snapchat but it might be the tipping point for me to sink into complete insanity!

This wraps up my week on The Select 7. I hope you’ve enjoyed a window into what a week looks like for me — it's been cool sharing it with you.