Traveling is a luxury, and yet it's such an important way to gain real perspective of different cultures that reach far beyond our own everyday worlds.

I have been so fortunate to be able to travel, and if I had to pick favorite destination, it would be Paris, hands down. I love that city so much. My go-to Hotel would have to be the Hotel Costes which has seen many Bozzi late nights after walking miles in the City of Lights.

I prefer to do cities with no plan — just a map and my feet! Walk and see where life takes you: cafes, parks, people watching and, of course, lots of wine. Recently we headed down to Cabo san Lucas in Mexico and had a blast!  The One & Only Palmilla Resort was perfect:  Pristine beaches, great margaritas and delicious Mexican fare. 

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I’m a light packer. For me, the key is to never, ever check any luggage. Being weighed down by luggage is a drag and checking is too dicey. I have a routine that I never stray from: I lay out my clothes 3 days before I need to pack, and look at the color scheme (mostly navy, black, grey and white) to make sure everything can work together. My dopp kit goes into my murse (yes, that’s a man purse), so that I have access to all of it during flight. I also always pack some healthy food to eat on the plane, usually it’s a turkey burger and some yams to keep my energy up. And naturally lots of water and I moisturize like crazy while in the air. 

I believe in getting to airports early because I can’t take the stress of rushing. I fly back and forth from LA to New York all the time and I am in love with Jet Blue Mint. It’s their version of First Class, and it’s really a great experience!  I also really like Virgin America — the planes are clean, the crew is nice and they have TVs and wifi!