- just bought a few of these amazing new suitcases. tough, good looking, charges your phone and weighs itself … amazing.

if you live in London, then this is an obvious choice, but there is something about the way that BA welcomes you to a flight that makes me feel less stressed. Terminal 5 at Heathrow actually works, which is a plus amongst London airports.

The trip that I look forward to more than any other is Japan. I find Tokyo fascinating, stimulating and bewildering all at once. London is full of cherry blossoms at the moment, and it looks great, but it is a pretty poor second to the cherry tree season over there. There is also the benefit that in two hours you can be in Kyoto, which is one of the world’s very special places. Spiritual, composed and relatively unspoiled.

I enjoy staying at the Peninsula in Tokyo. Looking out at the Imperial Palace gives a real punctuation to the day’s beginning and end. Behind the hotel in a dingy railway arch is a fantastic place for a quick bite - Andy’s Izakaya. Noisy, smoky, loud - everything I hate - but with fantastically fresh fish straight from the market. Unlike Andy's, Sahsya Kanetanaka this place is all about the aesthetic experience. With a calming, zen garden open on one side, this is a great place to hit pause during the day. Around the corner is the amazingly weird Sunny Hills Bakery which has world class architect Kengo Kuma creating a mecca for pineapple cake.

More than any art gallery, or any of the other highlights of recent travel, this simple stone, zen garden blew me away when I was there in July. It felt like a visual massage - the feeling you get when happy accidents happen in design, but laid out in front of your eyes. Perfect proportion and relation of detail, without looking like it was designed at all.