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Featured 6.11-6.17.18 | I spend a lot of time wondering what it would feel like to sit down at a restaurant, eat a basket of bread, order a bottle of amazing red and a giant bowl of pasta and go to town. But thanks to inferior genes and a slight aversion to gluten, I will probably never know (I have the wine covered, though – I’m not a total killjoy). So here’s what I’m going to do instead: I’m going to live vicariously through Caroline Vreeland. The great granddaughter of the late, great, fashion icon Diana Vreeland, and  much-loved It Girl, prides herself on her ability to eat incredible amounts of — you guessed it — pasta. So much so, that it’s actually become a verb: To #carocarboload (and her love of wine hasn’t been overlooked by her own Urban Dictionary, either. It’s a noun: #carowine). And while she may just be the Millennials' answer to Marilyn Monroe, Vreeland is way more than just a (ridiculously) pretty face:  She sings, she acts, she produces, she loves science fiction, and she does it all with fearless enthusiasm. She’s also a passionate activist, having served as the president of her hometown chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance for four years, and today is an ambassador for One Together Org.  Yep. Vreeland is crushing life in all ways, and we're coming along for the ride. Welcome to Caroline's week.