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When I think of wellness, I think of what I put in my body and what I do to my skin. The most important thing to me is my facial skin guru, they’re called Skin Worship here in LA. They make their own line of products and I use them all religiously, but they also just developed these stickers called Body Vibes. They are electrically charged stickers that make you feel some type of way. There’s one with CBD frequencies, there’s one to lower stress, there’s one for when you feel bloated or when you need energy, and those are my go-to. I literally don’t feel like I can do an audition or anything without it because once you start to wear them for a while, it really starts to settle your nerves. Besides Skin Worship, my other favorite skin care product right now is the Biologique Recherche p50 1970 which is a French waterweight exfoliating toner that also hydrates and balances your skin's pH. Can’t travel without it!