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Featured 11.7-11.13 | You might not know it by looking at her, but accessories designer Carolyn Rowan grew up during the Days of Disco, which might explain her attraction to all things sparkly. It also explains her love of Donna Summer, her obsession with Barbie and her dream of someday creating a dazzling line of winter accessories  (think crystal-embellished goggles. I mean, who doesn't want to sparkle at 8,000 feet?). And while she might be emotionally stuck in the 70s, her capsule collection of fur accessories is totally modern, not to mention totally luxe. Equal parts glam and girly, smart and sharp, she designs with an eye toward quality and craftsmanship (each piece is hand-sewn in NYC) all while making sure the end result is the perfect blend of uptown sophistication and downtown chic. Sounds kind of perfect, doesn't it?
Welcome to Carolyn's week.