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My go-to workouts are pilates, jumping rope and martial arts. When I’m not traveling I see Susana Morehouse at Mongoose Bodyworks (594 Broadway #904,  NYC, +1 212 431 8377) for pilates and Ishmael Chka (34 Avenue A, 2nd Floor, NYC, +1 646 692 6155) for Kenpo and Kickboxing. I get most of my sneakers and cool workout gear from Bandier.

I’ve been into more natural remedies for ailments for some time now. I’ve learned a lot about this through my work with Dr. Brooke Kalanick. This is also how I discovered Joe at A Matter of Health (1347 1st Ave., NYC). He is my supplement guy and introduced me to the benefits of turmeric, which is the main spice in curry and has dozens of health benefits, including treating headaches, depression, arthritis and diabetes.

My other wellness resource is the site Nutmeg Aspirin. I believe in their motto “healing is whatever works.” It’s a unique forum for sharing health and emotional journals that mixes a path to healing through conventional and alternative methods.

I only really wear makeup on special occasions, so I focus a lot on taking care of my skin. I have a list of standbys that keep me looking refreshed even with my 5am wake up time:

Jill Macklowe’s VBeauté Eye Never Eye Cream

June Jacobs Spa Collection covers the rest of my face and body needs.

And if all else fails, you just put on a great pair of sunglasses. I love Mykita!