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Featured 4.17-4.23.17 | If you spend enough time stalking Cayli Cavaco Reck's Instagram account (@knockingonforty), you'll quickly find yourself inside the world of true beauty royalty. Born to two former Vogue fashion editors, Reck has spent most of her life finding, promoting and inspiring a passion for all things beauty, even opening her own perfectly curated shops (Knockout Beauty) which focus on clean products and highly effective ingredients. She also has an affinity for rap (go ahead and test her knowledge of lyrics — she'll always win) and ballroom dancing and can spin and match beats like a boss. She counts some of the biggest names in fashion, beauty and entertainment as her peeps and lives a life that is present, contented and encouraging. She's also a huge believer in and supporter of girl power, and that makes her pretty dope in my book.
Welcome to Cayli's week.