I have to admit that my dad’s Instagram accounts (are my favorites @paulcavaco and @studiocavaco). He is an excellent story teller and has a massive archive of fashion images with amazing stories behind them. 

Most nights at 8:30PM I turn on my Instagram LIVE while I am washing my face. I share a lot about beauty and my routine and the products I use, but I also tell stories about the funny things that have happened that day. It has really become a wonderful community that grows all the time. There are people who tune in almost nightly whom we have dubbed the “Loo Crew.” We all welcome people when they join us. We sometimes see people like Carolyn Murphy and Zac Posen watching and even just tonight Bobbi Brown (the make up mogul, not Whitney’s Bobby) watched for a bit. We have people from Australia, London, Malibu, Jamaica and Austin who watch regularly. I love that it has connected so many people from all over the world.