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When I graduated from college my father gave me a set of Louis Vuitton luggage for my life’s journeys and then for my 30th he added the very large rolling bag.

I haven't traveled so much since I had children, but I when I do I NEED a sheet mask! I love Meder, they have ear loops so they stay on while I unpack my bags upon arrival. I always pack sunscreen no matter where I go because I wear it everyday, all year round, rain or shine. I use the Colorescience brush, its a nice pick-me-up for the skin if you chose a color one step deeper than your perfect match AND you are instantly covered because it is a physical block, this is particularly important when you leave frigid NYC and head to the caribbean. 

My two favorite destinations right now are St Barth's and Southern California. I fell in love, got married and started my family in Cali, so it holds a piece of my heart.