The Select Guest



Featured 2.6-2.12.17 | French women just have it— that je ne sais quoi that makes them way cooler way more effortlessly than any other women on the planet (shhhh, I'm simply suggesting that while ALL women are amazing, the French just do it with a little more, well, more of that je ne sais quoi). Enter Céline Kaplan, the fiery French redhead who runs her own uber-chic boutique PR firm (Eres! Ladurée! Maison Francis Kurkdjian!), fills her closets with colors that are decidedly un-New York (yes, French women wear color!) and travels the world with incredible joie de vivre.  While she'll never divulge her age, she will share her selects and with any luck, a little of that French flair will rub off on us. 
Welcome to Céline's week.